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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Magical Sacramento Airport

Aside from your safety, there's another reason to mind your manners before the Giant Rabbit Guardian.  For Sacramento Airport offers much to explore.  

Consider this tree that grows out of the ceiling.  Like the magical lime tree of Switzerland, it supports locals with its long, wide branches: in this case, with its illuminated leaves.  As we visited in August, its blossoms had already been harvested for tea.  No wonder the customer's eyes glowed when sipping their Starbucks drinks. 

Or consider this ear trumpet, left many years ago by a hard-of-hearing giant.  

Although old, it has been updated to listen-in on travelers' conversations.  It builds on what it has learned, and offers this information freely to anyone who craves knowledge, via a system called Wikipedia.

Perhaps that was why the children who wrestled on a nearby bench did so with an unearthly quiet.  No shouts, no cries of delight, just silent wrestling.  Even their mother, who occasionally marched over to pull the scrambling pack apart, did so without uttering a word.  For some clutch knowledge to their chests, and only dispense it when recompense is offered.

Although our flight was delayed, we felt a tinge of sadness when boarding commenced.  For Sacramento Airport is a magical place, and we would have gladly explored it further.  Assuming, that is, that the Giant Rabbit Guardian allowed us to.

But one can never be sad when one's dragon arrives.  It was a beautiful beast, and its scales glowed blue, red, and orange in the bright afternoon sunlight.  Once everyone had taken their seats, the dragon abandoned his feed bag, stretched forth his wings, and charged down the runway.  As he took to the air, our spirits soared too.  For flight is a magical experience, and the places a dragon will take you offer endless opportunities for inspiration.

Dragon Dave

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