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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ida Skivenes Plays with her Food

Ida Skivenes of Norway likes breakfast.  People around the world like her breakfasts too.  They follow her on Instagram, ever hungry to discover what she's eaten recently.  She's published a book of food art, and holds workshops to help others get creative with their meals. 

The TV show "Euromaxx" profiled her recently.  She claims that she didn't set out to be famous.  She just had time in the mornings, before she went to work, for a little creativity, and so she took it...and played with her food.  

That's the secret of life, isn't it? Making the most of the opportunities that come along.  Now, if only I can seize the right ones for me, even if, initially, they don't seem all that important...

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