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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stan Lee Returns This Weekend: Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, circumstances prevent me from attending this year's Comikaze.  (That's okay; they're good circumstances, as you'll soon realize).  The main reason I learned about last year's Comikaze, and decided to attend, was because Kevin J. Anderson announced that he would be there on his blog.  

I really love this guy.  His stories take me to so many interesting places.  And, like Stan Lee, he always seems so happy to see me.  I picked up his most recent book, Clockwork Angels, and started reading it that weekend.  It's a great story, based on the Rush album of the same name, and one day I'll have to blog about it.  The links below will take you to what I wrote about Kevin J. Anderson's appearance at last year's Comikaze.  I'm sure other fun and fascinating authors will be there this year.

The Perils of Transmedia Storytelling in Star Wars
Kevin J. Anderson Explains the Star Wars Prequels

My Dungeons & Dragons period definitely lacked sparkle.  I just never had friends around me who wanted to play role-playing games that much.  So we'd start a game, but never finish it, and the few games I played on my own were interesting, but not half as much fun as they could have been had I played them with others.  Recently, I've learned from author Jane Lindskold that she and Roger Zelazny (another literary hero of mine, sadly deceased) had a regular group they played role-playing games with.  Imagine what that might be like, to play Dungeons & Dragons (or another role-playing game) with one of your favorite authors!

If you're into gaming, you may find the following three posts of interest. They're about people I met at the convention, and a woodworking company that makes fabulous furniture for gaming.  

The Games People Play: Part 1
The Games People Play: Part 2
The Games People Play: Part 3

Did you realize that Quidditch was a real sport?  I thought play was limited to the characters in the Harry Potter stories, but now I know that's not the case.  If you'd like to learn more about this growing sport, and where you can find a game, check out the link below.

Quidditch: J. K. Rowling's Sport

Well, enough of my blab about Stan Lee's Comikaze.  For some real authoritative blab on this weekend's convention, check out their website:, and be prepared to meet interesting people, play a few fun games, and see witches on broomsticks!  

Dragon Dave

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