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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Force More Powerful Than Daleks

Denim: What'cha makin', boss?
Pocket: Just something for Master's lunch.  It's called a Turkey Loco.
Denim: What's that mean, you crazy turkey?
Pocket: How dare you call me a crazy turkey!
Denim: I didn't.  I just--
Pocket: Yes you did.  My audio receptors heard you call me a crazy turkey!
Denim: No, I was translating.  Loco means crazy in Spanish, right?
Pocket: I suppose so.  But this is a variation on a Hawaiian dish called a Moco Loco.
Denim: You mean, the one with rice, beef, an egg, and lots of gravy?
Pocket: Yep.  I'm just substituting Turkey for Beef, that's all.
Denim: Great!  What's for dessert?
Pocket: I've no idea.  We were pulled off Dessert Duty after your stunt with the cookie plate, remember?

Denim: Uh...
Pocket: I mean, he was supposed to get six cookies, not just two--
Denim: Um--
Pocket: And a few crumbs.
Denim: Uh…right.  About that--
Pocket: It wouldn't have been so bad if, when he had gone back to the box for another cookie, Master had actually found the ones you removed from the plate.
Denim: I'm sorry, boss.  For some reason, I can't explain, or excuse, my behavior.  Those cookies just called to me, and I couldn't resist their siren song.
Pocket: Yes, well…I suppose I can understand that.  Cookies--especially Christmas cookies--can conquer the firmest resolve.  They're powerful things.
Denim: Might they be the strongest force in the universe, boss?
Pocket: Okay, now you're getting a little weird.

Pocket & Denim Dalek

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