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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dalek Photo Shoots & Christmas Cookies

Pocket: Yes, that looks good.  Now top it with whipped cream and take it out.
Denim: Um, I'm not sure…that it's good enough for Master.  Don't you think we should taste it first?
Pocket: Don't be silly.  Mistress made the tapioca, so of course it's good enough.  Now get a move on.  I'll get started on the cookie plate.

Denim: You know, this job requires a Dalekanium-hard constitution.  It's a good thing I'm impervious to temptation.

Pocket: Oh good, just in time.  Take this out so Master can enjoy these with his pudding.
Denim: Haven't you given him too many cookies?
Pocket: He won't eat them all.  I just want to offer him a little variety.  
Denim: But they look so good!  I mean, they might tempt Master beyond his ability to resist.  What if he eats them all, and then gets sick?  He would blame us for giving him too many--
Pocket: Don't be silly. By the way, has Fury arrived for his photo shoot yet?
Denim: Yes, he's in Make-up now.
Pocket: Make-up?  He's a fearless leader.  He's got an eyepatch.  Why does he need time in Make-up?
Denim: I think he just wants to look his best for tomorrow's appearance in your Advent Calendar.  Oh, and he's complaining that you didn't furnish his dressing room with red and green Mini M&Ms.
Pocket: Red and green Mini M&Ms? That was never in the contract! Why is it always the tough ones who need the most pampering? I just hope he's finished writing his introduction.  I'd better go. Now get those cookies out before Master finishes his pudding!

Denim: You know, I'm sure Master will appreciate my efforts to reduce his Christmas temptations.  After all, he doesn't have a Dalekanium-hard constitution like me.  

Pocket & Denim Dalek

P.S.  Don't miss Fury Dalek's Advent Calendar appearance tomorrow at

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  1. Denim where are the other cookies? Did you eat them?