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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Exploring London With My TV

Weekend Extra

Consider this the flip side of yesterday's list.  I let my favorite English TV shows guide my footsteps around London in 2011.  So here you have my old "TV Shows" Page, which I'm likewise taking down.  If you love any of these old shows, click a link below, and reminisce with me one last time.

All Creatures Great and Small
The Purple Cow of London

Are You Being Served?
The Great Anachronism 

As Time Goes By
The Link Between Assumption and Cowardice
As Time Goes By in Holland Park: Part 1
As Time Goes By in Holland Park: Part 2
As Time Goes By in Holland Park: Part 3

Doctor Who
On the First Doctor story "The Crusade"
Richard the Lionheart in “The Crusade”

On the First Doctor story "The Dalek Invasion of Earth."
Westminster Bridge in Color, and in Black and White
Lions and Daleks and Wizards, oh my! 
A History of Conflict 

Good Neighbors (aka The Good Life)
The English-Indian Love Affair

Goodnight Sweetheart
Forever in Flux?

Dining Out if for the Bird (and the People)

Monty Python
Monty Python on Westminster Bridge
The New Statesman
Turned Away from the Palace of Westminster 

Red Dwarf
The English-Indian Love Affair

Rumpole of the Bailey
Always to Defend

To The Manor Born
Audrey, Richard, and the Unknown Constable

Yes, Minister
Walking Whitehall

Yes, Prime Minister
The Sausage That Brings Isolation Part 1
The Sausage That Brings Isolation Part 2 

I hope you enjoyed exploring London with me and reminiscing about some of my favorite shows.  If reading one of my entries aroused your interest in an unfamiliar show, or if it rekindled your desire to watch an old favorite, most are available on DVD.  

Dragon Dave

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