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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Magnum Opus on Star Trek: The Cage

I'm updated my Pages section.  Part of that process involves taking down content that people rarely look at.  I thought I'd share my old Star Trek page with you, in case you never noticed it before.  

This list of links will take you to a long series of posts I wrote on the "The Cage," the pilot episode of the original Star Trek series.  If you're a die-hard fan of Captain Christopher Pike (and have vast amounts of free time), you might enjoy perusing them.  

My magnum opus on the pilot episode "The Cage"
Star Trek: The Cage 
Overwhelmed By Life
The Yeoman and Number One
Captured by the Talosians 
Deliberations and Decisions
The Reluctant Warrior
Together But Alone
True Vision 
The Well-Trodden Path
The Power of Punishment
The Allure of the Ordinary Life
Dangerous Reappraisals 
The Women!
We are what our deeds make us: The Talosians
We are what our deeds make us: Vena
We are what our deeds make us: Pike’s Yeoman
We are what our deeds make us: Number One 
Spock Must Fear
How to Bring Out the Worst in Another
The Phantom Menace
The Hidden Escape Route
“Your Destiny Lies Upon a Different Path from Mine”
Discretion and Valor on Talos 4
A Pleasant and Benevolent Slavery
Does Truth Matter?
Spock on the Sidelines
The Illusion of Another’s Ability to Change
Dr. Phil’s Prescription for Captain Pike
The Curiosity Factor 

Live long and prosper!

Dragon Dave

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