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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Dalek Gardener in Glorious Color!

RustyYou know, I'd never have agreed to model for you if I'd known it would take you two hours just to do the color. I thought Master said he penciled this scene in less than half an hour?
Artist: That's not unusual. Master's friend, who works as a colorist for Marvel Comics, struggles to finish as many as three pages a day, and that's with the aid of advanced computer technology. It makes you wonder why the writers and pencilers grab the headlines in the comics industry, doesn't it?
Rusty: All I know is my energy and patience reserves are nearly drained, drained, drained!

Artist: Fine. I think I've done enough for now to pronounce it completed. What do you think?
Rusty: I think Master made me look a little intolerant of the plants' normal rate of growth.
Artist: Please, we don't criticize Master in this forum. What do you think of my coloring job?
Rusty: You made me look a little too orange, don't you think?
Artist: Do you think so? Let me see.

Artist: Ah, you see, what I was doing here was actually quite sophisticated, yet understated. I preloaded the orange, knowing that in time, it would rust over and darken to resemble your actual appearance.
Rusty: Oh, I see. Say, that's rather smart of you.

Artist: Yeah, I'm a coloring genius.

Rusty & Artist Dalek

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