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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Eleventh Doctor Dalek

DD11: Ah, K-9, there you are. Be a good little fellow and unlock the TARDIS for me. I thought we might pop off to Haworth for a fun English getaway together.
K-9: You are not the Doctor Master. I cannot let you inside.
DD11: Of course I'm the Doctor. I'm the Eleventh Doctor Dalek, designation DD11. Don't you recognize my distinctive fez and bow tie?
K-9: Clothes may make the man, but they can't transform a Dalek into a Time Lord. I cannot allow you inside. 
DD11: K-9, really! Haven't Master's posts on Wuthering Heights transformed you into a Bronte fan?
K-9: Negative. I remain untransformed, and loyal to Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who!

DD11: You know, with this hat and bow tie, I really thought I was guaranteed a good timey-wimey.

K-9 & DD11 Dalek

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