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Friday, August 1, 2014

Building The Perfect Donut

Pocket: All on it's own, this is nearly a perfect donut. It's even named appropriately, as Master will divide it into separate servings. 
Denim: Unfortunately, fritter also suggests wastage.
Pocket: Well, if you eat enough of it, it will go to your waist.

Denim: Call me Old Fashioned, but I prefer this donut.
Pocket: You had to go for the obvious, didn't you?
Denim: It seemed appropriate.

Pocket: This one nearly fell apart when Master put it on the plate.
Denim: Sadly, that disqualifies it as a building component.
Pocket: Set it aside. We'll snack on it while building the perfect donut.

Pocket: You can really have a ball with these guys.
Denim: Actually, you can have two balls with--
Pocket: Hey, this is a clean blog! Enough with the double entendres. 
Denim: That's strange. I always thought they were called Donut Holes.
Pocket: I said enough with the double entendres!

Pocket: Now that's what I call the perfect donut.
Denim: It's beautiful. You should be an architect.
Pocket: Why thank you. Hold on. Was that a crack?
Denim: I thought you said enough with the double entendres?

Pocket & Denim Daleks

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