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Friday, October 3, 2014

Flying With Indiana Jones

Denim: Okay, the cargo's loaded. Order the pilot to take-off!

Pocket: We have to wait. People are still taking their seats.

Denim: But we're flying Economy Plus. We should be calling the shots!
Pocket: I don't think it works like that.

Pocket: See, we're underway.
Denim: Hooray! We're off to Kauai!

Denim: Are we there yet?
Pocket: No.
Denim: Are we there yet?
Pocket: What part of the word No do you not comprehend?
Denim: Well, how long until we get there?
Pocket: I don't know. A few hours, anyway.
Denim: Hey, we're flying Economy Plus! Order the pilot to speed up!
Pocket: I don't think it works like that. Would you like to see a movie?
Denim: Yes! Yes!! YES!!!
Pocket: What would you like to watch?
Denim: Raiders of the Lost Ark! Raiders of the Lost Ark!! RAIDERS--
Pocket: Okay, I get the idea.

Denim: Boy, Indy's sure having trouble Exterminating that Nazi so he can drive that beat-up old truck!
Pocket: Yeah, he should have flown Economy Plus.

Denim & Pocket Dalek

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