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Friday, November 21, 2014

Daleks Clash Over Black Bean Nachos

Iron Dalek: There, I've finished chopping the yellow chili. Now we just have to wait for the black beans to finish cooking in the crockpot. You need some help with the limes?
Hulk: No! Hulk like smashing limes. Hulk like watching the lime juice wash down the sides of the juicer. Hulk like--
Iron Dalek: Okay, I get it. You're having a good time. I think I'll let you take the lead in the next phase of tonight's dinner.

Iron Dalek: So, are enjoying smashing the black beans?
Hulk: Hulk like smashing black beans. Hulk like pulverizing cooked beans into pulp. Hulk like beating little black beans into--
Iron Dalek: Okay, why don't we adopt a less violent vocabulary?
Hulk: Puny Iron Brain afraid I crush you into pulp too?
Iron Dalek: No, but I'd prefer that you drop the insults and inflammatory language.

Iron Dalek: There, I've got Master's chips laid out across the plate, melted the shredded cheese on the chips, then spread out the refried beans in an even layer, covering every chip.
Hulk: Mistress likes beans in center of plate, topped with cheese, and surrounded by chips.
Iron Dalek: I admit that's aesthetically pleasing, but personally I applaud Master's efficiency. His methodology ensures each chip gets its share of beans and cheese.
Hulk: Mistress' way is better. Her chips don't get soggy, and chips easier to handle without a fork.

Iron Dalek: There, that's Mistress' nachos done. Now, for Master's plate, we need to add more chopped lettuce, and two additional spoonfuls of salsa.
Hulk: Master's method obscures the chips, and covers too much of beautiful green lettuce in nasty red sauce!
Iron Dalek: Hey, watch what you say about the red salsa. Besides, I think we can agree to disagree here. Master and Mistress each like their Black Bean Nachos served differently. Why should we clash over their preferences?
Hulk: Because we're superheroes, and we fight for what we believe is right! Puny Iron Dalek just afraid Hulk will smash him!
Iron Dalek: I am not afraid! I will demolish you for saying that! I will pulverize you! I will exterminate, Exterminate, EXTERMINATE YOU!
Hulk: Hulk agree to your challenge, but first, we serve dinner. Hulk not want to ruin the aesthetics of Mistress' plate.
Iron Dalek: COWARD!!!

Hulk & Iron Dalek

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