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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Dragon of San Diego Airport

Hulk: Hulk want to fly off for holidays. Not watch other planes go by.
Spider-Dalek: Don't worry, Big Guy. Soon it'll be...say, what's the commotion?

Hulk: Hulk see nothing. Hulk get angry. Hulk want to be only Big, Green Guy on flight!
Spider-Dalek: Hey, keep the Christmas spirit. Besides, there's always going to be someone bigger and greener than you.

Hulk: No one bigger or greener than Hulk, not even dragon. Hulk smash dragon!
Spider-Dalek: What can I say, folks? Spidey did his best to make this a relaxing, nonviolent Christmas vacation.

Hulk & Spider-Dalek

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