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Monday, March 16, 2015

Buddhist Monks Love NASA

Recently, I came across photographs of three Buddhist monks during our visit to Kennedy Space Center in Florida back in December, 2012.

Not only did I find the monks terribly photogenic (in a Holy sort-of way), but it reminded me of another three monks my wife and I saw during our visit this summer to Houston Space Center in Texas.

When the monks boarded the tour bus, they sat in the row ahead of us, and seemed terribly interested in all the buildings that make up the adjacent Johnson Space Center. It's a college-like campus where talented people work on all aspects of the United States space program.

The Texas heat got to all of us, so this gentleman can be excused for rubbing his eyes to ward off sleep while we waited to visit Historic Mission Control.

When the tour bus stopped at the rocket garden, one monk rushed ahead, eager to study the engines and other displays. 

Another lingered behind, attempting to capture the Redstone and the other rockets for posterity.

The third snuck his way into my photograph, standing beneath the nosecone of the Saturn V rocket set horizontally within a large aircraft hanger. My apologies if the photo seems a little blurry. He might have been a big guy, but he's puny in comparison to the mighty Saturn V.

I don't know if these two incidents are merely coincidences, or if Buddhist monks are naturally drawn to rockets and spaceships. But right now it seems as if our manned space program is just tippy-toeing ahead, and it'd be great to see it take large leaps instead. Perhaps Buddhist Monks should form a political action group (PAC) that could apply pressure to the President and Congress to speed up our manned space program. 

We all need others to get behind us, and support our efforts, if we wish to reach our highest goals.

Dragon Dave

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