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Howard's Hyborian Heroes

Robert E. Howard wrote hundreds, if not thousands of stories in his lifetime.  Yet those he is most remembered for are Conan the Cimmerian, Kull of Atlantis, and Red Sonja.  Okay, technically Kull predated the Hyborian Age, and the popular conception of Red Sonja is completely different from the character who appeared in one of his historicals, but give me a break, okay?  I'm trying to honor the man's legacy.

For now, this list mainly concerns comic book adaptations, but I love Howard's stories too, so that may change in time. 

Top Five Posts on Conan The Barbarian

The Conan Chronologies
Comics for Education & Self-Improvement
Rare Conan Coins: Part 1
Roy Thomas on Conan and Dogs
Rare Conan Coins: Part 2

My sole entry on King Kull (for now)

Robert E. Howard's King Kull in Comics

Three Posts on Red Sonja

Red Sonja and the Unicorn
Red Sonja Touches People's Lives

Enjoy your Hyborian adventures!

Dragon Dave

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