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Friday, January 9, 2015

Birdwatching at Gatorland

Humans aren't the only visitors to Gatorland. Some of them have brilliant white plumage, and a few of those even have colorful footwear. These large white birds are called Egrets, and they love nothing more than watching the alligators in their natural habitat. 

Or even interacting with them.

There are other types of birds who hang out at Gatorland, including Turkey Vultures, and this little fellow who thinks he's a penguin from Madagascar. But then, it's the holiday season, so naturally the Egrets adopt a more welcoming mood.

This Blue Crane liked nothing better than to stand in the water and survey his surroundings like royalty. If he wore jeweled slippers beneath the water, they were hidden by his reflection.

It's not just the Egrets who have to share Gatorland with their feathered friends; Macaws also reside there. The fellow on the left loved to flap his wings, even as he was clinging to the branch. I wonder if he was happy to share his domain with the Egrets.

We certainly didn't mind spending a little time with the Macaws, admiring their colorful plumage. Or at least, until their incessant chatter overwhelmed our ears.

Nor did we mind sharing our visit with the Egrets, even if they pushed their way into shots occasionally. 

At least the gators don't seem to mind the Egrets, or the rest of their feathered visitors. While they make Gatorland seem a little crowded at times, I suppose theme parks are supposed to be crowded, right?

Dragon Dave

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