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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another Year, Another Dinosaur

Pepper: I wonder what Mistress is working on.
Salt: Let's take down her knitting bag and have a look.

Salt: Mistress has been so busy lately. Maybe we should help her as a New Year's Day present.
Pepper: How? We don't know what she's making.
Salt: We're Daleks. We can figure it out if we work together.
Pepper: Oh, all right. I suppose I can help.

Pepper: These are weird shapes.
Salt: Yes, but it's pretty clear these pieces need to be stuffed.

Pepper: Are you sure you're sewing the pieces together correctly?
Salt: If I'm in error, I can always disassemble it and start again.

Salt: Alert! Alert! I've created a monster!
Pepper: Yeah, I'm not so sure he wants to be disassembled.

Pepper: Good, you're conscious again. Meet Alice the Allosaurus. I finished her for you.
Salt: Good, kind Allosaurus. You know I was just kidding about disassembling you, right?
Pepper: Don't forget you called her a monster.
Salt: Uh, I think you can stop helping now.

Salt & Pepper Dalek

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