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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year, Another Dalek

I woke up on Christmas Day to find a surprise in my stocking.  A brand new Dalek!

My wife fashioned him from a new variety of Dalekanium-based yarn, one highly resistant to corrosion.  Thus, we dubbed him "Rusty."

All too soon, Rusty made himself at home, playing with my new Spider-Man dartboard, and even finding his way onto the Christmas tree.  

Apparently, my wife made Rusty while we were watching TV in the evening, which shows how observant I am when caught in the grip of a compelling story.  But then, I suppose there's all sorts of wonderful things going on around us all the time--people and things we fail to notice--because we're so caught up in what we're doing.  

Welcome to our home, Rusty, and best wishes to all of you out there for a happy and healthy 2014.

Dragon Dave

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