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Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Gregory Benford

It's interesting to occasionally look back at what you've done. For a long time, I blogged extensively on author Gregory Benford. I read most of the novels he published during the first decade or so of his literary career, and mused deeply on three of them: Jupiter Project, The Stars in Shroud, and If the Stars are Gods, the latter of which he wrote with Gordon Eklund. I've always meant to go back, and make more posts on those other novels, but I never have, even though I read Against Infinity, the sequel to Jupiter Project, twice.

Against Infinity is one of my favorite novels, completely different in subject matter and style than its predecessor, yet it continues the story of protagonist Matt Bowles on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Highly recommended. Anyway, if you missed any of those early posts on Gregory Benford, or would like to reread them, here's an easy guide to them. And if you're not inclined to read them, why not read a Benford novel in honor of the author's birthday. He turns 74 today, and he's written so many Science Fiction novels, each uniquely different in style, tone, and subject matter, that you're sure to find one you'll enjoy. 

Happy Birthday Gregory Benford! May you write many more great Science Fiction stories!

Dragon Dave

Gregory Benford                  
Posts on the novel Jupiter Project

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On his novel The Stars in Shroud
Our Need for Interdependence 
Defined By Fear 
Ling’s Courage 
Those Detestable Ofkaipan 
A Completely Different World
Those Most Precious to Us 
Sensing “The Other” 
Embracing The Different 
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Gregory Benford & Gordon Eklund
Posts on their novel If the Stars are Gods

A Beautiful Mystery
The Invisible Enemy
Dilemmas in the Darkness
A Fictional Role Model
A Defining Moment
That Which Divides
The Man in the Box
What Drives Us
If the Stars are Gods: A Final Word

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