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Monday, September 19, 2016

Old And New at Knott's Berry Farm

My wife and I have been having a lot of fun this year, thanks to our annual pass to Knott's Berry Farm. As it had been fifteen years or more since we last visited, the park took a little getting used to. But Knott's Berry Farm was always changing, even when I was a little child. Occasionally, I'll meet up with an employee or docent who knows the Park's history even better than I, and it's fun to share memories about donkey rides, the Gypsy Camp, the Roaring Twenties, and all the other attractions that have passed along the way. I do miss the light shows, and the fireworks, that they used to set off at night on the lake behind me. With an old church rising up along one shore, the lake had a very pastoral feeling. Now it's all industrial and noisy, with metal and steel rising above the lake, and riders screaming as the Steel Bullet and Jaguar shoot along the tracks. Still, I've come to love those rides, and accept that you can't have something new, without getting rid of something old.

Plus, the old church is located across the street. If I'm in town on a Sunday, supposedly it's even open for a service. In my memory, the church was always closed, only opened up when people hired it for weddings. So not everything old is lost amid the new.

Dragon Dave

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