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Monday, September 26, 2016

Knott's Berry Farm: Troublesome Rides

It's kind of strange how some rides affect you adversely, and others don't. Two of the rides, which set you spinning, bother my head, and really make me feel sick. But others, such as these spinning sombreros, I'm totally fine with. Strange, huh?

I'm not normally keen on getting wet, as I'll have to walk around wet until I dry off. So I've taken to wearing a windbreaker when I go on Bigfoot Rapids. That shields my shirt from a lot of the splashing. Plus, in the summer, you dry off pretty quickly.

I like the Supreme Scream. They belt you in tightly and motor you to the top of the tower. I suspect most people are scared by the drop. For me, the most frightening part is going up. As it takes a long time to get to the top, you're constantly aware how high you are, and the restraints don't feel like they are nearly enough. But then you drop, and you're having fun again.

One ride that has only an up side for me is the sky cabin. It glides up and down on its central pillar, and slowly revolves to give you a 360 degree view of the park. It doesn't bother my head, and I always feel safe. So that one's definitely a keeper.

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