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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Dalek Graduation

Rusty: When will the graduation start?
Artist: Soon. We arrived early to get good seats. 

Rusty: Alert! Alert! A Human is handling us disrespectfully!
Artist: Release us, or you will be exterminated! Exterminated!! EXTERMINATED!!!

Rusty: For a minute there, it was "Planet of Giants" all over again!
Artist: Alert suspended. Look, the students have entered; Graduation can commence!

Rusty: Why are the females using their phones during the party? 
Artist: Human females are complicated. They're enjoying the party; they're just parallel processing.
Rusty: You mean they're really androids, and their microprocessor brains are computing--
Artist: No, I mean human females are complicated. Listen, we can discuss this subject later. For now, focus on our mission!

 Artist: Table traffic clearing. Prepare to assault the Goodies Table.

Rusty: Someone's approaching! Shall we abort?
Artist: Negative. Stay on target.

Rusty: But we're in danger of being captured!
Artist: Stay on target! Stay on Target!! STAY ON TARGET!!!

Rusty: My nerves are glowing like overloaded laser cannons!
Artist: Yes, but we procured two graduation hats. Now let's exterminate them before any humans find us and take them away.
Rusty: I love to exterminate Chocolate! Exterminate Ch--
Artist: Exterminate quietly while I savor! Savor!! SAVOR!!!

Rusty & Artist Dalek

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