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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Dalek Magical Mystery Tour

Artist: Master, we're enjoying Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge, but could we look out the window?

Rusty: Where do you think we're going?
Artist: Wait for the sky to clear, then look for key landmarks.

Rusty: That guitar has Janis Joplin's face on it. Maybe we're in San Francisco.
Artist: Naw, it's gotta be Nashville.

Rusty: Austin Texas? What'll we do here?
Artist: I don't know. Maybe help the locals "Keep Austin Weird?"
Rusty: That's not very nice.
Artist: Hey, it's their slogan!

Artist: It may not be weird, but this pork Cordon Blue reminds me of Cornish Pasties!

Rusty: This Schwiezer Chicken definitely looks weird. I wonder where Mistress will put it all

Rusty: It can't be bedtime already! I want the weirdness to continue!!
Artist: Enough complaining! It's time to power down for the night.
Rusty: But all Master and Mistress have done is read, eat, and sit all day! How can they be so tired?
Artist: Deactivate! Deactivate!! Deactivate!!!

Rusty & Artist Dalek

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