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Friday, June 27, 2014

Too Much Fun To Handle

Rusty: What shall we do today?
Artist: Let's explore the beachfront again. Galveston inspires me.

Artist: I'd dance with her if she took off that spiky crown.

Rusty: Whoa, dude! Two words: Dental Floss!

Artist: The Beatles really were Music Giants!

Rusty: Oops. Activated the growth ray again. My bad.

Rusty: Why are Master & Mistress taking a nap?
Artist: The walk fatigued them, but all that lobster did them in.
Rusty: I'm glad Daleks are built to handle infinite amounts of fun.
Artist: Agreed. Daleks are Indefatigable, Indefatigable, INDEFATIGABLE!

Rusty & Artist Dalek

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