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Friday, June 20, 2014

Storming The Beach

Artist: Compared with Brighton, Galveston looks so peaceful.
Rusty: Let's rouse our Humans, and storm the beach!

Rusty: If we're in Texas, how come we're serving English oatmeal?
Artist: It's what Master & Mistress like. The tea's English too.
Rusty: The tea?
Artist: Typhoo.
Rusty: Bless you.

Rusty: Listen up, everyone: I claim this beach for Dalek-kind!

Rusty: Alert! Alert! No one's in that lifeguard station!
Artist: There's only a few people on the beach
Rusty: The Sea Devils or a leviathan could be lurking offshore!
Artist: Relax. This is peaceful, safe Galveston.

Artist: Ah, another pleasure pier. More fond memories of England. Perhaps Master can win us another TARDIS in their arcade.

Rusty: They want $10 admission? Plus more for games?
Artist: It wasn't like this in Brighton.
Rusty: Master & Mistress look so sad!
Artist: We'll make it up to them somehow.

Artist: I know: let's take Master & Mistress out to lunch.
Rusty: Why not? As you say, Galveston is so much safer than Brighton.

Artist & Rusty Dalek

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