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Friday, November 15, 2013

The TARDIS of Brighton Pier

"Okay, let's try this again.

Like moths to a flame, Master & Mistress were drawn to the glowing lights of Brighton Pier.  They took us with them, so we could also see what was happening inside.

Their senses were inundated by sounds, colors, and activity. They wanted to leave, but we counseled that they might only come here once, and they should try their hand at a few games.

In fact, we had one we especially wanted Master to play.

He put his 30 pence in the coin slot, and had a go of it.  He pressed one button, and the claw moved backward.  Another button made the claw swing to the side.  Then he pressed the final button, and the claw descended.

It missed one of our cousins, but grasped hold of the TARDIS, lifted it up, and dropped it down a chute.

In this way, Master secured a time machine for all of us.  He and Mistress assured us that we would all have many happy adventures together.  Now, will you let us inside?

K-9: How Master procured his time machine is irrelevant.  I will not allow you inside.
Artist: But we were there when he acquired it.
K-9: Your proximity to Master & Mistress while procuring their TARDIS is irrelevant.
Rex: K-9, where did the pterodactyl come from?
K-9: Master and I brought it back from prehistoric times.
Rex: You mean you've already accompanied Master on an adventure, yet you won't even allow us to look inside?
Artist: K-9, be reasonable.  We're Master's friends.  The Mistress made us.  She wouldn't mind--
K-9: Who made you is irrelevant!  Daleks are the enemies of the Doctor, and I will not allow you to discover the secrets of the TARDIS!
Pterodactyl: Aarrck aarrck aarrck!

K-9: Good bird.  Way to scare away those conniving Daleks.

Artist & Rex Dalek, K-9, & Pterodactyl

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