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Friday, July 4, 2014

An "Out Of This World" Park

Yes, you rest, Mistress. A park is a great place to take a break from driving. Relax under the trees, soak in the vivid greens, the...

…Ooh look, planes! Are those T-38s?

They are! I love the T-38 Talons! NASA has used them since the Project Gemini days for research and astronaut training. Northrop built over a thousand for the Air Force, half of which the United States military still uses today. Other countries also use the T-38s for, you know, whatever they want, I guess.

Mistress should get one. It'd be faster than a car.

Say, there is trusty old BP-K, the boilerplate capsule used during the Apollo years. NASA engineers also used BP-K to test aspects of the Space Shuttle Thermal Protection System. Master should get one. He could adapt it into an super-cool office.

Say, this park is really out of this world! I wonder where we are?

Artist Dalek

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