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Friday, July 11, 2014

Meet NASA's Robot Astronaut

Stan: Welcome, Space Enthusiasts! I'm Stan the Cyberman, NASA's latest robonaut. Let me show you the highlights of Houston Space Center.

NASA's human astronauts wore these on previous missions. With my cybernetic knitted body, I don't need gloves. 

Still, sometimes I wish I had fingers.

The Captain of a previous mission wore this uniform aboard the International Space Station. I can't remember his name right off. Captain Peacock? Captain Pike? Captain Phillips? 

I'm sure it began with a P.

After an arduous spacewalk, I enjoy playing chess with my fellow astronauts. Official NASA documents state the agency returned this set to Earth because engineers needed to refurbish the set. I suspect the other astronauts just got tired of me winning all the time, and thought a new set might bring them better luck.

What can I say? They're only human.

Despite the flaws inherent in their biological systems, I enjoying working and hanging out with my human counterparts. We usually have a lot of fun together.

And here's a prototype for another robonaut. He's modeled on the Transformers, an intelligent race of beings from the planet Cybertron. Doesn't he look cool?

So, give me some feedback. Does seeing all this inspire you? Do you think NASA might someday select Daleks for astronaut training?

Rusty: I can't believe Stan made it here before us.
Artist: The wise Dalek finds inspiration, not envy, in others' achievements.  
Rusty: You're right, I know you're right. Still, a Cyberman! And I was really enjoying my visit to Houston Space Center…

Stan the Cyberman, and Artist & Rusty Daleks

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