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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Journey For The Birds

This guy's grabbed the spotlight.

With our annual pass for the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park, we can visit whenever we want.  We’ve planned several visits in the last two months, but neither time have we made good on our plans.  We particularly wanted to visit the Safari Park.  Even though there’s less to see there, there’s more land for the animals to spread out in.  Also, as we were inspired by my research on The Real Herriot Way, and have vowed to start a walking regimen, we thought it would be nice to walk around there.  But all our plans came to naught.  It seemed as if there was always something more important to do.  Or we were too tired.  Or the weather wasn’t right.  Or….
This guy's a contortionist.

After studying the painting more in Treasures of Ojai: Part 1, when my wife suggested this week that we visit the Safari Park, I immediately agreed.  I loved the artist’s depiction of the birds: where better to compare her depiction of still life to that of real life.  Plus, it would be a chance to really stretch our legs.  So yesterday morning, we got in the car and actually drove there.

It was a bright and clear day, so the lighting wasn’t optimal for photography.  Still, I loved seeing all the birds in their (somewhat) natural surroundings.  And we really enjoyed walking around the park.  We don’t own a pedometer, but as our usual half-hour walk lasts 1.6 miles, and we spent two hours there, I figured three miles would be a good estimate, as we probably spent half the time taking pictures.  It’s a long way off the twelve-to-thirteen miles a day we’d need to manage for one of those walks in England.  Truth be told, given our history and ability, I’m not sure we have it in us to walk that far four or more days in a row, and enjoy it enough to call it a vacation.  But at least it’s a step in the right direction. 
This guy, well,
I'm not sure how to describe him.

I’m glad we visited the Ojai Museum and photographed that painting of the birds.  Whether or not we ever take one of those walks in England, we really enjoyed our walking tour of the San Diego Safari Park.  And to think: it was a painting that got us there!

Dragon Dave