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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Treasures of Ojai: Part 1

Birds of Paradise

When it comes to photography, it seems as though I never get it right.  I either take too many photographs, or too few.  Often, I come home and realize that I have an excessive amount of repetitious shots, but failed to capture a subject I really wanted to.  Such was the case with the Ojai Museum.  Still, a few things caught my eye during our visit, that I found inspiring, and that I actually photographed.  Starting with today, I thought I would share three things in particular with you, in the hope that each will help similarly inspire you.
The woman who welcomed us into the Ojai Museum actually apologized for the one dollar admission fee!  As we were her only customers, she gave us a short, guided tour, pointing out the various displays, and telling us about the museum’s history.  What she seemed to like best was this painting, which was painted by a local artist.  It hung in a health spa for many years, then was restored and placed in the museum.  (It’s actually one of two on display).  I love the gold leaf background, and the way the artist captured all the birds.  I don’t know about you, but I think this artist had a particular gift for capturing birds: not just their shapes, but also their movements.  When I look at the painting, I feel as if I’m visiting the arboretum at the San Diego Zoo.  I've often wished I could paint, and could probably achieve some ability in that area if I devoted the time to the craft.  But right now, I'm working with words to craft pictures that readers will hopefully find as vivid and compelling as this painting.   

Everyone has something that they do well, a gift or ability that is unique to them. What is your special power, and how are you using it to benefit yourself and the lives of others?

Dragon Dave

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