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Monday, October 29, 2012

Treasures of Ojai: Part 3

Oops!  Looks like I've captured more than one (great?) artist.

The third exhibit in the Ojai Museum that captured my attention was this selection of ceramic pots.  While I painted ceramics in my youth, I never sat down and actually made them.  The working method of their sculptor, Otto Heino, reminds me of the writing approach of Stephen King.  When Heino puts the clay on his wheel, he lets the evolving shape determine its own course.  Instead of using clay, King approaches each new story with a starting scenario, a What if? idea, and then lets them evolve from there.  I’m trying to learn from King’s example.  Like Otto Heino, he’s proven the validity of his approach: to be less controlling of the process, and celebrate the freedom of creation.

Well, there you have it, the last in my series of three treasures of the Ojai museum that caught my eye.  No one finds inspiration in every type of art, but I hope you found something in these examples, or at least in one of them, to empower your life.  Perhaps, like me, you need to be less worried about structuring your life, and just get on with celebrating it for all that it is.  

Dragon Dave

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