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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Wooden Sea Serpent of Libbey Bowl

When I spoke with Kevin J. Anderson at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, I told him I’d been enjoying his blog.  He told me that he mostly used it as an excuse to share his travel photographs.  Of course it’s much more than that: the written descriptions of his journeys offer just as much value as the photographs, and his pieces on up-and-coming projects pique my interest in the stories he’s written.  But I understand his attitude.  He’s a professional author, and spends most of his time hard at work writing stories he can sell.  While he uses his blog to appropriately trumpet his stories, sometimes it’s nice to share some of your more memorable journeys with others.

On that visit to Ojai, as I climbed the bleachers to watch those playing tennis in Libbey Park, I couldn’t help but notice the activity going on behind me in Libbey Bowl.  I’m not sure what production they were setting up for, but I could envision sitting in this comfortable, outdoor venue and enjoying a concert with my fellow residents (assuming I resided in Ojai).  It had a nice homey feeling to it, which I liked.  I don’t often attend concerts in San Diego, but if I lived in Ojai…well, maybe I would.

The forms that nature offers up often intrigue me.  I don’t know if it’s one or two trees (or more), but it looks like a single tree that some accident forced back down to the ground.  Unlike lesser trees though, this one declared, “No, I won’t be cowed, I won’t allow you to defeat me,” and it defied the elements and rose back up again.  While it reminds me of a sea serpent, the tree makes a statement about the importance of determination and not giving up, regardless of what life throws your way. 

Maybe that's why I've always liked sea serpents.  Oh, and trees, too.  Trees are pretty neat.

Dragon Dave

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