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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Step Forward at Whittington Beach Park

Whittington Beach Park lay just a few miles away from where we stayed at Punalu'u.  It was a quiet, secluded place, rarely visited by tourists. (At least during the week).

It offered more shelter from the waves than Punalu'u, so we went there several times to snorkle.   No coral grows there, so the fish we saw were small.  Still, we spotted many different varieties, and most seemed unconcerned by our presence.

We found it a welcome respite from the constant noise and unrelenting pace of urban life.  As one local put it, "It's my favorite place in the world."

It quickly became our favorite place to picnic, sit back and relax, read a good book,

or watch the waves crash against the rocks, in the rougher, unprotected waters near the old wharf. 

On our last visit, we took our pencils and sketch pads.  My failure to capture my surroundings at Punalu'u Beach Park had intimidated me, but I wanted to get over that fear.  After all, it wasn't like I was attempting to create a masterpiece.  I merely wanted to have fun, and develop another skill.

This is what I saw, and decided to draw.  I worked at the picture steadily, considering each shape and color carefully.  My wife finished her drawing after awhile, and then got up to walk around the park one last time, taking photographs.  I stuck to my drawing until I got tired, and my wife returned and suggested that we get out of the sun. I didn't have time to finish the branches and leaves, but nonetheless, felt somewhat satisfied with my efforts.

It wasn't a victory, but it felt like a step in the right direction.

Dragon Dave

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