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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Daleks Discover Punalu'u Bake Shop

Denim: Hooray, a road trip!  Where are we off to today, sir?

Pocket: Didn't you see their picnic lunch?

Denim: A bakery!  I wonder why Master & Mistress didn't take us inside?
Pocket: What do I look like, the Dalek repository of all wisdom?  Come on, if we hurry, we can do a little surveillance. 

Denim: What's that sign say?
Pocket: It reads "Bakers Only, Mahalo."
Denim: I guess that's why they're not letting that green guy go inside.

Denim: Hey, they've got pink and purple colored loaves of bread in there!

Pocket: My sensors detect Master & Mistress returning.  Let's head back to the car.

Denim: My Sweetness sensors are off the scale!
Pocket: Yes, that's a malasada with passion fruit frosting.  
Denim: Passion fruit?  You're kidding me.  There's no such thing.
Pocket: Yes there is.  The Hawaiians call it Lilikoi, and it grows here with either yellow or purple skin. They use the juice to sweeten baked goods and ice cream, and they also make it into syrup for shave ice.
Denim: Well, blow my eyestalk!  What did you call this thing again?  
Pocket: It's a malasada.  It's the Portuguese version of a donut.
Denim: Donuts, eh?  Now you're talking.  Hey, there's a chunk of that pink bread I saw in the shop!

Denim: You know, I'm not usually one for bread, regardless of color, but this looks good.
Pocket: My sensors read this as bread sweetened with guava.  Guava, as you know, is--
Denim: Yeah, fine, whatever.  I think I'd better stick around here, just to make sure no bird makes off with this sample of pink bread, or pecks at Mistress' malasada.
Pocket: But don't you want to examine the Chocolate-Filled malasada?
Denim: Does it have Passion Fruit frosting?
Pocket: No, it doesn't look like it.
Denim: I'm good then.
Pocket: Okay.  Remember, no tasting.
Denim: Of course not!

Pocket: Wait, Master!  You need the protein from your peanut butter and jelly sandwich before you tackle this chocolate-filled malasada.  Really, there's no reason to rush to dessert.  I suggest that you take your time to truly savor all of the sandwich's rich flavors, and...

Pocket & Denim Dalek

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