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Monday, September 9, 2013

Take Time to Recharge Your Batteries

Punalu'u is a black sand beach on the southern coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Tour buses stop by here regularly, and tourists exploring by car also mark Punalu'u down as a must-see.  So often though, whether they're part of a tour, or venturing out on their own, folks don't really take much time to enjoy the beach.  It's just one stop on their itinerary.  

The black sand comes from lava, which breaks down with time.  While it's in rock form, it creates tide pools, little pockets of aquatic life that are fun to peer into.  Just watch your step, because lava rock can be slippery!

Of course, after you've visited a place several times, you're familiar with the lay of the land.  You can pick and choose where you want to go, and what you want to do.  Instead of constantly rushing about, from one picturesque locale to another, you can spend more time in the places you like most.  

Instead of returning home exhausted, and feeling as if you need to recuperate from your vacation, you can actually relax, and perhaps return home feeling a little more fresh than when you left.  

As the locals know, Punalu'u can be a great place to do just that.

We all need to take time to periodically recharge our batteries.   

Dragon Dave

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