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Friday, September 13, 2013

Dalek Banana Royales

Denim: So, that's the ice cream Master and Mistress brought home last night.  But I don't understand.  Shouldn't Mistress use a spoon to scoop it out?  Or is she supposed to slice it like her father's birthday cake?
Pocket: Watch and learn.

Denim: Ah, so the knife was for those little bananas, the ones Master said taste more like apples than bananas.
Pocket: Now you're catching on.

Denim: I think Master's going to want more ice cream than that.
Pocket: Well of course he is!

Denim: I hope she doesn't load these down with too much fruit.
Pocket: Would you stop worrying?  Mistress knows what she's doing.

Denim: I'm amazed the ice cream survived the drive back from Hilo.  
Pocket: That's what those insulated cool bags are for.
Denim: They certainly worked.  It wasn't exactly cool out last night.
Pocket: Of course they worked.  The bags are based on the same cryogenic technology that preserved Davros in "Destiny of the Daleks."

Denim: Those look great!  Master's sure to be pleased with those.
Pocket: He ought to be.  I put the idea in Mistress' mind last night.
Denim: You mean, you invaded her dreams?
Pocket: I had her best interests in mind.  Oh wait, Mistress, there's one more thing we need.

Denim: Wow, Mistress brought some of the Jammie Dodgers we made at home?
Pocket: Let's just say a little Dalek put the idea in her mind...while she slept.
Denim: Great move, Boss.  Say, the way the light strikes that plate, it almost looks like it's smiling.
Pocket: I don't know about the plate, but Master sure is.

Pocket & Denim Dalek

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