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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dalek Stowaways

Denim: Hey, what's with all the suitcases?  Master and Mistress can't be going away on another trip already.
Pocket: Shh!  Let's hop in this backpack before they discover us.

Denim: Do you think we should stowaway like this?
Pocket: You want to stay here while they're gone?
Denim: Uh, all right.  You talked me into it.

Denim: So that's what it looks like outside.  It was so dark out last night.  Have you figured out where we are yet?
Pocket: Give me a minute.  This book is thick, and Master and Mistress didn't exactly overwhelm us with information when they discovered us during the flight.

Pocket: From the descriptions in the guide book, I'm guessing we flew into Hilo Airport.  That's located on the East coast of the Big Island.  
Denim: What were those weird sounds we heard during the drive last night?
Pocket: Those are called Coqui frogs.  They've invaded Hawaii more successfully in recent years than an army of Sontarans or Cybermen.  
Denim: There are Sontarans and Cybermen here?
Pocket: No, that was only a metaphor.  It's a figure of speech that...oh, never mind. From the length of last night's drive, and our southward direction of travel, I'm guessing that we've arrived at Punalu'u, a famous Honu, or sea turtle nesting site.  
Denim: Are they invading Hawaii too?
Pocket: No, they're an endangered species that the Hawaiians are working hard to protect.  

Denim: Hey, Master's outside now.  Do you think he'd mind if we explore too?
Pocket: Let's just keep our distance for awhile.
Denim: But it's our job to protect our Humans.
Pocket: They may not see things like that right now.

Pocket: Wow, the colors are so intense.  No wonder Master is photographing the Hibiscus.
Denim: Maybe he should keep back from the bushes.  Those orange flowers look especially dangerous.

Pocket: I think that's called a Heliconia.  It's should offer him little danger.  But we'd better head back inside, before that yellow guy notices us.

Denim: Yikes!  It reminds me of the avian creature that the evil scientist Quillam tried to turn the Doctor's companion Peri into in the Sixth Doctor story "Vengeance on Varos."
Pocket: I'm not sure what he is, but he's almost as big as us.  And as we learned in the Doctor Who story "Planet of Giants," when the First Doctor and his companions are shrunk down to an inch in height, any creature can injure you, if you and it are the same size.  I noticed Mistress has started to put out breakfast.  Let's head for the table.  I've got an idea.
Denim: You're the boss.

Denim: What is this thing?  It doesn't look like an orange.
Pocket: No, it's called a papaya, and according to the guidebook, they're plentiful here.  
Denim: Do you think they'd mind if I had a taste?
Pocket: Rather than taking liberties right now, I suggest we make ourselves exceptionally useful to Master and Mistress during the next few days.
Denim: A wise suggestion, as always, sir.
Pocket: Oh, all right, you can have a taste.  But just a small one.  And hurry: Master and Mistress are nearly ready to sit down!

Pocket & Denim Daleks

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