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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Daleks Make a TARDIS

Denim: You mean we can make our own TARDIS from paper?
Pocket: We don't have much choice, do we? Our cash reserves are at dangerously low levels after buying Christmas presents for everyone on Black Friday.
Denim: I guess not. But can a TARDIS built from such inexpensive construction materials safely navigate the time/space vortex?
Pocket: I don't see why not, provided we combine quality craftsmanship with generous quantities of fiendish cunning.

Denim: How come it's not bigger on the inside than the outside?
Pocket: Because I haven't built the dimensional stabilizers yet. Now stop fooling around and help me make the rest of the parts.

Denim: I can't wait to finish it. That nasty knitted K-9 refuses to let us use the TARDIS Master won in Brighton last year.
Pocket: Yes, I've put Traveling at the top of my fiendish New Year's Resolutions. Building our own TARDIS will be our ticket to independence!

Denim: Do we need this? Shouldn't we change it to read Daleks Only or something?
Pocket: No, part of my fiendish plan is that it will look like the Doctor's TARDIS. People will flock to see him when we materialize in exotic locales. Then we can exit and Exterminate them!
Denim: Ooh, that's fiendish. I get a ripple all along the inside of my dalekanium-yarn housing, just thinking about that.

Denim: Where shall we go first? My vote's for Tahiti. I hear it's a magical place.
Pocket: No way. With what's happening to Agent Coulson on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD," any mention of that island sends a cold ripple all along the inside of my dalekanium-yarn housing!

K-9: Back away from that TARDIS. Daleks are not allowed to navigate the time/space vortex independently!
Denim: But we built it!
Pocket: Oh no! Master and Mistress must have anticipated my fiendish plans, and constructed a paper K-9 to keep us here!
K-9: I repeat: Back away now, or I will shoot you with the laser cannon in my nose!
Pocket: Curses! Foiled again!!

K-9 & the fiendish Pocket & Denim Daleks

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