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Monday, December 8, 2014

Powering Through the Holidays

Iron-Dalek powers up the Christmas tree

At times, we all need a little help to get through each day. Some seek professional counseling, or prescribed medication. A more holistic approach is to seek out humor and inspiration to enlighten you spirit. One sure source is my wife's companion blog, Pocket Dalek and Friends. Last year, she featured a Dalek Advent calendar. This December, she's exploring the Twelve days of Christmas, Dalek-style. 

So before the load of responsibilities and To-Do Lists overwhelm you, check out Pocket Dalek and Friends. I prescribe regular doses of the Pocket Dalek and Friends to alleviate seasonal anxiety and stress. Following Pocket Dalek and Friends may not make the world a brighter place, but it can help you see it at its best, and for all it can be.

Banish your blues! 
Destroy your despondency! 
Massacre your melancholia, sadness, and gloom! 

Exterminate your bad attitudes!
Enlighten your holidays! 
Energize your days,
Pocket Dalek and Friends!!! 

Dragon Dave

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