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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Constantine's Supernatural Adventures Part 2

During our visit to Llandudno, we worshipped in Holy Trinity Church. If I'm reading the Church of Wales website correctly, we could have visited another church in the city, and we would have been in the Diocese of St. Asaph. But it was raining that Sunday morning, and the wind gusts propelled us along the slick sidewalks like the insistent hand of God. So perhaps it's just as well we didn't try to venture any father from our lodging that day. 

Besides, the episode of the TV series Constantine that would awaken my interest in Saint Asaph would lie two years in my future. The series features John Constantine, an exorcist and master of the occult. He's aided by a woman with strange visionary powers, and an angel who occasionally advises him.

One of my favorite episodes so far suggested that the angel is actually John's guardian angel, and that he has watched over him all his life. His comments in that episode suggest that John's decision to investigate the occult was prompted by this the way in which his parents mistreated and abused him during adolescence. But John cuts the angel off before he can tell us more, as he doesn't want to get distracted from his current task. He wants to relieve a demon-possessed child from injuring others, and prevent the demon from fleeing to another troubled child. Unfortunately, time is not on his side. 

The Holy Trinity church had a beautiful interior, no doubt rivaling many cathedrals. One object in particular caught my attention. It came, curiously enough, in the shape of an angel.

This angel may look scary, as if it owes more to the occult than Christianity. But each portion of the angel contains intricate carvings to inspire worshippers, and bolster their faith.

Incredible, don't you think?

Dragon Dave

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