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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Final Word--For Now--On The Avengers

I don't know about you, but I'm amazed at how much more information is instantly available to us than was the case back in the late 1990s, when I first discovered "The Avengers."  I'm also tremendously grateful to everyone who makes Wikipedia the repository of knowledge that it's become.  It may not be the final answer on any subject, but it provides an excellent starting point to find any answer I seek.  (We also support Wikipedia, which you might consider doing if, like us, you value the service it provides).  This situation makes me wonder how many more faulty assumptions that Wikipedia could correct, if only I thought of questioning what I think I know.

If you've not yet grown acquainted with John Steed and Emma Peel, you might consider doing so now.  They're a stylish couple of British agents who solve all sorts of fantastic mysteries.  The show has a whimsical air, and Steed and Peel exhibit such great chemistry that they're a pleasure to watch.  I hope this set sells well, and A&E releases previous seasons of "The Avengers" with John Steed and former partner Catherine Gale, as well as the final season with new partner Tara King, and at a similarly reasonable price.  That could reward long-term fans of the series, and attract a new generation of viewers.

Honor Blackman plays Catherine Gale, John Steed's partner in earlier seasons. These shows are less whimsical, more straight-forward spy stories, yet I find them as enjoyable as the Emma Peel years.  The stark B&W imagery contributes to the more serious tone, making the stories even more compelling.

Emma Peel hands over care of John Steed to Tara King.
(That's Diana Rigg as Emma Peel on the right).

If you've always been mystified as to how "The Avengers" saved England (and hence, the world) from all kinds of nefarious plots during the Cold War 1960s, the Emma Peel Megaset represents the perfect starting point to begin your investigation. Who knows?  If enough of us start talking about John Steed and Emma Peel again, Hollywood might make another movie about them, which could lead to a new series of "The Avengers" on TV.  And that would be great, because given the dangers of the modern world, we need all the protectors we can get.

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