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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Those Grimm Customer Service Reps

"Grimm" shines a curious light on the state of modern entertainment.  In our enlightened age, filmmakers can't tastefully depict nudity without receiving an R rating.  Nor can a character use the F-word repeatedly, whatever the context (think "The King's Speech"), without cinemas inadvertently scaring away the broad spectrum of potential moviegoers with an R rating.  Yet the broadcast networks are allowed to show mangled corpses, severed limbs with bone and ruined flesh exposed, and copious amounts of blood on TV.  

"Grimm" highlights the extent to which we allow violence into our homes.  My wife and I find the stories so dark and intense that we record them on Friday evenings, and watch them on the weekend during breakfast or lunch.  While we're not wild about its graphic nature, what draws us into the program is how the characters relate to each other so realistically, and humorously, despite the intricate and complicated nature of their relationships.  We also like the mythos the show's creators have fashioned, which they continually develop.  They make you feel as if you might really be living in a world populated by Grimms, Royals, and all the Blutbad, Fuchsbau, and other types of Wessen creatures that, most of the time, look just like us.  More importantly, the show underlines our need to accept others despite the differences that threaten to separate us, a message every generation needs to embrace.

What prompted me to write this post was the good service we received after we purchased Season Two.  As you can see, the packaging promises that, in addition to the Blu-ray discs, you will also be able to steam and download each episode via Ultraviolet.  When my wife did this, she only received a portion of the episodes.  When she checked the next day, nothing had changed.  So she sent an email to customer service, and the following day she received a reply that she should have all the episodes now.  She checked again, and sure enough, all the episodes were on her cloud.  

So often we write to big companies like this, and receive no reply to our queries.  So often we complain about the companies who treat us poorly.  So I wanted to take this moment to thank all those customer service representatives who assist Grimm viewers in watching the program they love.  Thank You!  We really appreciate your efforts!  Now my wife and I can watch "Grimm"on our laptops, whenever we go on vacation.

Just not in the evenings.

Dragon Dave

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  1. Dragon Dave's WifeFebruary 6, 2014 at 7:09 AM

    Thank you to the customer support folks at Flixster, for your help getting the missing episodes to show up.