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Monday, February 17, 2014

Celebrating Brian Michael Bendis

Comic Book Heroes

Brian Michael Bendis has written so many great comics that he's become an architect of Marvel Comics.  This means that he helps chart the course a particular character will pursue in the long term, helps juggle all the characters in their various magazines, and plans big crossover events between titles.  His stories must stand on their own, work within a larger story arc (which frequently encompasses 4-8 issues), and also pave the way for shocking plot developments and character revelations years in the future.  In addition to his work for Marvel, he also writes (and occasionally draws) his own creations.  He's exceptionally hardworking, creative, and responsible, which is why the fans love him, and why all the big (and small) comics publishers want him to work for them.  

Discovering him, and reading his stories, has proven a real treat. While I enjoy much of what he's done, my particular favorites are his Ultimate Spider-Man stories, which blend fun superhero action, charming characters, involving drama, and of course, Peter Parker's trademark wit.  I must ask you to take care as you peruse the following Bendis posts: it's entirely possible that you'll not only find them pleasing, but be tempted to buy some of the books he's written.  Steel yourself, or you could end up filling your bookcases in no time flat! 

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