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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Dalek Doctors

Denim: Has Master's alarm clock malfunctioned?
Pocket: No, he needed extra sleep, but I want him up now.
Denim: Shall I do the honors, boss?
Pocket: Please do.
Denim: Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! 

Pocket: Don't worry, Master.  Mistress may not be here, but we'll help you get better.  
Denim: Medicate! Medicate! Medicate!

Pocket: Now let's get rid of that nasty, excess phlegm.
DenimExpectorate! Expectorate! Expectorate!

Pocket: Here's a scrubby for the shower.  It'll help you--
Denim: Eradicate! Eradicate! Eradicate!
Pocket: Yes, as I was saying…eradicate excess oils and dirt that might otherwise contaminate your outer casing, and slow down healing.
Denim: Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!
Pocket: I think he gets the idea.
Denim: Sorry boss, I couldn't resist.

Pocket: Finally, you need some exercise and good nutrition. So--
Denim: Bake a cake! Bake a cake! Bake a cake!
Pocket: Master?  Please, come back!
Denim: He did say "Maybe when the Mistress returns."
Pocket: Yes, but I want him better now! Now! Now! Now!

Pocket & Denim Daleks

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