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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Dreaded Skarasen of the River Thames

The River Thames looked calm and safe.  Boats navigated the waters, following their normal routes.  

Then, just opposite Millbank Tower, a huge creature arose.  It looked like the famous Loch Ness monster.  I later learned it was called a Skarasen.

I heard an odd, signaling noise, and saw a figure atop the tower hurl a tiny object at the creature.  Newspaper reports would later identify the object as a radio transmitter, used by the alien Zygon invaders to lure the creature here, with the intention of destroying London.  The man who threw the device was identified only as The Doctor, who periodically serves as Scientific Advisor to the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT).  

The creature caught the tiny object in its mighty maw and gulped it down.  No longer attracted by the radio transmitter, the Skarasen sank beneath the waters and was seen no more.  Thus had one man, The Doctor, ended the Zygon threat, and saved London from the dreaded Skarasen.

And where was I, you ask?  Why, I watched it all take place from inside a water taxi.  The wake caused by the Skarasen rocked the boat for awhile.  Then the Thames settled down, and I sat back to enjoy the rest of my ride.  

Dragon Dave

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