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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Celebrating Stan Lee

Comic Book Heroes

A Treasury of Stan Lee's Spider-Man

In the pantheon of comics, Stan Lee is renowned as a cauldron of creativity, an engine of enthusiasm, and a paragon of perspicacity.  His characters are immortal, his soap boxes memorable, his personal appearances prized, and his movie cameos cherished.  Is it any wonder that any blog post celebrating this comics culture cornerstone should be craved?  I think not!  

If you're a long-time lover of Stan Lee, the following posts will increase your ardor.  If you're unfamiliar with this living legend, then they'll educate you as to his greatness.  If you're indifferent to comics, they may infuriate you!  But frankly, I regard the latter as likely as a bashful bookworm being bitten by a rabid radioactive arachnid, and becoming a superior super hero.  Oh wait: that did happen, didn't it?

Dragon Dave

Celebrate the sensational Stan Lee with these amazing Stan Lee posts!!!
Everyone Wants to See Stan Lee
Forever Spry: Stan Lee
The Life and Times of the Great Stan Lee
Stan Lee's First Spider-Man Story

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