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Monday, September 17, 2012

Everyone Wants to See Stan Lee

Hmm.  What shall I blog about today?

Yesterday, we returned from a tiring but fun weekend.  We traveled up to Los Angeles, to see Stan Lee’s Comikaze, a show built around the comic book legend Stan Lee.  For anyone who has been sitting in a cave for the last hundred years, and have never heard about Stan Lee, he was involved in creating many of the legendary comic book superheroes of the twentieth century.  These include the Incredible Hunk, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and Captain America.  Alternatively, if you’ve grown tired of having the movie theaters clogged with movies about these superheroes during the past few years, including this year's “Avengers,” then you know who to blame.  But mostly, everyone loves Stan Lee.  How can we not?  Every time we see him, he’s got a smile on his face?

"Okay, maybe he's not smiling in the poster,
but he usually is."

Everyone turned out this last weekend, some of them in their best costumes, to see the ninety-year-old legend.  They waited in long lines.  They braved villains such as the stormtroopers from Star Wars, or from his own comic books.  They braved vendors in the exhibit hall, all of whom wanted to sell them things, like comic books, toys, and games.  They braved the convention hall food.  But mostly they just wanted to see Stan Lee, and hear what he had to say.

Stormtroopers in various states of undress.
(They're off-duty, give 'em a break).

This is just a tiny segment of one of the lines.

And what had Stan Lee come to tell them?  That he’s still spry, and still bubbling with ideas.  His latest creation is Verticus, a game for mobile devices sold through Apple.  The developers of the new game were there, as were the organizers of this year’s event.  (In addition to the twenty-five thousand or so “rest of us”).  The crowd was wowed by the preview, and applauded when it ended.  Everyone leaned in close to hear what Stan Lee would say next.

"Talk to us, oh great one!"

“Stan Lee, you’ve done comic books, TV shows, movies, and now games.  You’ve done it all.  So what keeps you going?” the interviewer asked.  “Well,” Stan Lee, responded, “I still get those ideas, and I have to act of them.  You just can’t sit still and relax in this life.  Otherwise something terrible happens, like your wife asks you to take out the garbage.”

Stan Lee is so wise, he radiates light.

Well, there you have it, immortal words to live by from Stan Lee.  Keep busy doing what you love best, or you’ll end up taking out the garbage. 

"Thanks for everything, Stan Lee!

Dragon Dave

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