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Friday, November 22, 2013

Daleks Love Breakfasts in Brighton

Rex: Master & Mistress are sure enjoying these breakfasts in Brighton.
Artist: I think Master likes seeing all the authors as much as he does the food.
Rex: Yep, there's Peter Crowther off to his left, and K.W. Jeter at a table to our right.
Artist: Oh look, a waiter is leading Robin Hobb to a table just now.
Rex: You know that's not her real name, right?
Artist: Yeah, I heard her say that on a panel yesterday.  Her real name is Margaret Ogden, although she also uses the pen name Megan Lindholm.  I guess she's like Robert Jordan.  You know, the man who wrote the Wheel of Time series.  His real name was James Rigney, and he had three other pseudonyms, in addition to Robert Jordan.
Rex: And then there was Jane Johnson, who wrote The Secret Country, that novel Master & Mistress read earlier this year.  She's also published books under the pseudonyms of Jude Fisher and Gabriel King.  She's supposedly here too, but I haven't seen her yet.
Artist: She's an editor as well as a writer.  She's probably closeted away somewhere, meeting with her authors during the day.
Rex: What is it with authors and pseudonyms anyway?  Why don't they just publish under their real names?  
Artist: I don't know.  They write stories that aren't true, so I guess they sometimes feel like going all the way, and publishing them under fictitious names.

Rex: At least Master & Mistress are getting the full English breakfast at this hotel.  It's so much more interesting than the oatmeal and fruit they were eating at the other one.
Artist: Yes, my visual and olfactory sensors are on overload, surrounded by so much good food, and so many interesting people.  

Rex: Well, just like this chocolate pastry, you'd better enjoy it while it lasts.  Because before you know it, the World Fantasy Convention will be over, and we'll be back to just oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.

Artist: Hey, where'd it go?  I barely got a taste of that chocolate pastry!
Rex: Told ya.  The good times don't last forever.  You have to appreciate them while they're here.
Artist: No fair: I want a replay!  Bring back the chocolate pastry!  Daleks demand more chocolate pastries!

Rex & Artist Dalek

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