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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October 2013 In Review

It’s always interesting to me what blog posts take off and which ones don’t.  Usually, I have no clue to a particular post’s popularity.  Perhaps I gave it an intriguing title, and people just wanted to see what I was writing about.  But some posts find a readership long after I wrote them, so I have to assume that, in some way, people found what I wrote to be of value to their lives.  So it is with the top three posts from last month, as well as the post I wrote on Jeremy Bullock's portrayal of Boba Fett in "The Empire Strikes Back" nearly a year ago. 

Some bloggers might be upset that their current month’s posts don’t rank higher on their monthly statistics.  But I’m glad that all my work is out there, and people are finding it--and enjoying it--regardless of when I wrote it.  I’m also beginning to think that the statistics only record those who, whether as a search result or following someone’s Twitter feed, actually went to that particular post.  If so, then the statistics area (and my post list) doesn’t give an accurate picture of how many readers are going to, on a regular or occasional basis.  That means that some of the days when I get a lot of page views, readers are actually enjoying some of the current posts more than the older posts.  That’s also a good feeling.

Hey, I’ll take a ray of sunshine whenever I can get it.

 Top Ten Posts For October 2013

Post Name                                              Date Posted         Views
1. Looking for Alec & Zoe Calendar: Pt. 1   Nov. 28, 2012          49
2. Norman Clegg's TV House                      July 30, 2013         29
3. Terry Brooks Definitely Doesn't Suck    February 8, 2013       26
4. Ray Bradbury Loves Dinosaurs              October 8, 2013       21 
5. Internalizing Hulk & She-Hulk Pt. 1      October 22, 2013       18
6. Ninetine Days As Boba Fett                    Nov. 26, 2012        18
7. Drawn Back to Laupahoehoe Point        October 14, 2013      17
8. Conan the Barbarian on Difficult Family   October 16, 2013     16
9. Mark Twain on Good (or Bad) Gov.         October 17, 2013     16
10. Reviewing Old Movies                          October 6, 2013      16

If you look at My Ten Most Popular Posts, you’ll find that some of those listed above have landed on that list.  To a certain extent, this has to do with the weird algorhythm Blogger uses.  In some cases, the page views listed in the Statistics section for some posts have fallen to the extent that they no longer show!  (How can you have a negative page view?) But if nothing else, My Ten Most Popular Posts gives you an idea of any recent trends in reader interest, and again, it’s nice to see that some posts have, in some ways, affected people so strongly that they shared them with their friends.  Again, that’s a nice feeling.

More Reasons To Smile

You know, I guess I have a lot of reasons to smile.  How about you?  What do you have to smile about?

Dragon Dave

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