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Friday, November 29, 2013

K9: Keep Away From The Water!

K-9: I don't understand: why can't I go near the water?
Rex: Don't you remember what happened the last time you came to Brighton?

"While the Doctor had a snooze on the beach, you and Romana took a walk off toward the West Pier.

"When Romana threw the ball, you couldn't help yourself.  You raced across the beach, and leapt into the water.  Unfortunately, as you're a robot dog, you blew your top.

"Thus, while the Doctor and Romana visited the Leisure Hive on Argolis, you waited in the TARDIS, until they could repair you."

K-9: But just because someone throws a ball doesn't mean I have to chase it.  As a robot dog, I'm ruled by logic, not by impulses.  I could resist, and remain on the shore.
Rex: Are you sure?  Do you really want to risk missing out on a single adventure during Master & Mistress' time in England?
K-9: Uh...

K-9: You know, I really hate it when a Dalek is right.

K-9 & Rex Dalek

To catch the Doctor and Romana's visit to Brighton, and their adventure on Argolis, watch "The Leisure Hive," available at all fine Doctor Who DVD retailers everywhere.  (Except, possibly, in E-space).

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